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Leveraging on sophisticated technologies, ASIMOV protects all the involved factors' reputation and respects the most strict laws and rules of the AI Ethic scope and beyond
If you want to become an avatar, contact us and fill out the form with all your information. We'll get back in touch soon!
You can record your own voice to be used for ASIMOV: you will just need a quiet room and a condenser microphone. If you want to register your own voice to be used for podcasts and avatars, contact us and fill out the form with all your information. We'll get back in touch soon!
If you become an avatar and/or give your voice for ASIMOV's podcasts, you will receive a percentage from the download and use of your avatar and voice.


ASIMOV uses a sophisticated set of REAL Artificial Intelligence algorithms. There is nothing fake, it’s 100% Artificial Intelligence.
It’s fundamental that you save your work after each modification so that ASIMOV can process it. Don’t forget to click on the “save draft” button every time you make a change!
It may happen that the recommendations for the two metrics go into contradiction: this is completely normal. The reason is that the Machine Learning models that generate them are distinct and have different logics. It’s up to you to decide what you want to bet on and therefore which advice to follow!
This rarely happens, but it can happen, because ASIMOV is sensitive to the slightest change. A small change has a cascading impact on many aspects and therefore the overall judgment of ASIMOV may vary significantly.
The Artificial Intelligence behind ASIMOV decides whether an article will be successful or not. The suggestions tend to improve the probability of success, but ASIMOV has the final word. If the score changes slightly, you can consider reviewing your article.
It may happen that the advice changes quite sharply, because a modification can push ASIMOV to interpret the article in a different way.
It may happen that ASIMOV believes that there are no particularly interesting related topics to propose to you.
If you move your cursor on the title of each advice you will see a description of the advice itself to understand how to act.
The ratio specifies how many of the words you tagged have been used in the title or text, while the tag count is the sum of the times you have used the tag words. For example, if you enter "Machine Learning" and "Artificial Intelligence" as words, the phrase "Machine Learning is a lot of fun!" will have a ratio of 0.5 (because you used half of the words you entered as a tag) and a tag count equal to 1, because you used the "Machine Learning" tag once. Instead, the sentence "Machine Learning is a subset of Artificial Intelligence. Deep Learning is a subset of Machine Learning" will have a ratio of 1 (because we used both tag words) and a tag count equal to 3.
Internal links are those that refer to your site, external links all others.
For each link you want to insert, both internal and external, you must manually enter the reference URL for the link to be valid.
The first section deals with tags, which are the words you entered manually in WordPress. The second instead is a review of the trend of words that ASIMOV extracts by itself from the text, words that it deems as important.
ASIMOV is processing your Google Analytics metrics in order to optimise its models to give you a real tailored experience. Please wait up to 24h for the process to be completed.

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